Avoid weight gain at work

In metro urban work life work your weight scale rises to dangerous height due to sedentary work habits. It is all the more killing for jobs which rarely require leaving the office and are highly restricted to chair. The cafeterias with regular munching add that extra calories and give a permanent weight gain unless some care is taken to work towards reducing it and getting back in shape.

Relax , there are various ways to take care of that extra pounds while you can still continue working and you donít have to quit OR leave your job. Some of the easy weight loss tips that you can follow to burn more calories and stay slim even while working:

The water diet:
Keep that water bottle really handy. You need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day and not just to keep yourself calm despite the looming deadlines. Hydration with water lets you maintain concentration, curbs fatigue, and prevents cravings (especially for sweets!). Keeping water availability is really essential as sometimes you avoid drinking water due to the process involved in obtaining the same. Many people misinterpret thirst as hunger, leading us to grab a quick treat when in fact water is what we need. It is not good to wait for the time when youíre hankering for water. To meet at least eight glasses on a daily basis, it is advisable to gulp some water at regular intervals.

Walk at work
Take some walk outside the workplace to grab some fresh air, especially after some meal. Sitting and doing some talks wonít give any benefit neither in health nor in career. If your breaks are too short to get out, even walking up and down the stairs would do you well. Small small portions of walk around would give you enough minutes by the end of the day. You wonít only get your blood circulation active, you will also feel freshened and stirred up from the fresh air and natural sights that you encounter by simply walking.

Sleep well before and after work.
Make sure you have a complete sleep before you start your work. Incomplete sleep results to lethargy which results to craving for that extra food resulting in to extra pounds. Similarly give enough sleep to the body after work to digest that food well.

Donít let the Cafeteria/ vending machine spoil you
Avoid easy coffee tea from the vending machine. Just because it comes easy and free does not mean it is good. A wide range of tempting menu at the cafeteria is no less in adding that extra pound. If you really have to munch something why donít you make your own menu with health and less weight gaining foods and keep it handy around your desk in your bag etc.

Donít get emotional about food
When it comes to eating we get very emotional and eat whatever we can lay our hands on. Occasional uncontrolled eating is fine but in todayís time we cannot afford a regular practice of the same. Rule your stomach with your head. There is no denying that stress is plaguing practically all of us. In the workplace, stress is magnified to several degrees. Be prepared for whatever challenges you might face at work. Keep in mind that whatever comes, you can face it with a balanced and healthy diet without resorting to ďemotional eatingĒ. Any tempting offer should be carefully evaluated before indulging in the same. Questions like.. Is this the last meal I am ever getting? What wrong will happen if I do not eat this? Should be asked to your inner self and believe in what your mind says, and I hope it says restraint!!

Small exercises
There are numerous small exercise for workplaces. Do these exercises at regular intervals. Try to take walks on stairs avoid lifts for less floors, take a fresh air break after stressful meeting, Move your upper body in twisting fashion to relax the stiffness of sitting for long hours, do neck rotating exercise. For some people a power nap after meal for 20 minutes is also a very powerful tool.

Read health†
Lastly try and read health related topics on newspaper internet mobile apps etc to educate yourself on easy ways to take the best care of your healthy.†
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