Ayurveda is best understood as a way of life. But that does not prevent you from applying its basic principles to your everyday life, in order to benefit from them.

For instance, did you know that when you have a cold, avoiding dairy products and sweets helps you to recover faster? Or that when you are nervous -or anxious- eating salads is NOT the best idea? You might know however that when you are irritable -or angry- spicy foods are not recommendable.

It all depends on the state of your doshas. Doshas, or humors, are the three basic constitutional types pursuant to Ayurveda: Vata, Pitta and Kapha (collectively called the tridosha). The Vata energy is composed by air and ether. The Pitta energy is made up of fire and water. The Kapha energy is composed by Earth and Water.

Each of us has an Ayurvedic constitution, where one of the doshas predominates over the others. Some people are bi-doshic, meaning that two of their doshas are equally strong. Generally speaking, Ayurvedic body types are as follows:

Vata people are usually thin-framed, nervous, imaginative, artistic, sensitive, and creative. Pitta people are usually medium-framed, rational, sharp-minded, competitive and goal oriented people. Kapha people are usually more heavily framed and tend to be calm, caring, patient and compassionate.

When the natural balance in your doshas is deranged, ailments appear. So the way to health is to restore their natural balance. But how do you know which of your doshas is deranged?
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