Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks  

Stretch marks occur when the dermis, the middle layer of your skin, is stretched to a point where its elasticity begins to break down. Skin is made of 80% collagen and 4% elastin fibre mesh network . Elastin is the protein in the skin which gives it its flexibility and allows it to stretch. The elastin forms a fishnet-like network in the skin which allows our skin to stretch and recoil back to its original position. These elastin fibers are damaged in stretch marks, causing the 'scar' of a stretch mark. As the dermis is stretched, the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, also stretches making it translucent enough that you can see the reddish purple stretch mark forming.  As these marks heal, scar formation occurs, and you have a stretch mark. 

Excessive stretching of skin is often associated with rapid growth (e.g. puberty) or weight gain (e.g. pregnancy). Although the skin is fairly elastic, rapid stretching of the skin will leave permanent stretch marks

Symptoms of Stretch Marks      

The symptoms for the stretch marks are following:

  • Fine line or streaks on the skin, especially on the breast, thighs or upper arms.
  • Multiple red and pink fine lines (Streaks).
  • Bright fine lines or intended streaks that fade to light pink or grayish color.

The appearance of stretch marks will depend on the colour of your skin. Stretch marks start out as pink, reddish brown, brown, or very dark brown streaks. After time the colour of stretch marks can fade to a more silvery colour that’s lighter than your other skin. Sometimes these marks cover large area of the body and can be very unsightly.

Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are developed in following conditions:

  • It may be noticed that in growing guys and girls experienced the stretch marks on their body. Due to grown-up in the body and hormones, these stretch marks can occur.
  • During the pregnancy, hormone factors along with the physical stretching of the skin play an important role here. Most of the pregnant women get the stretch marks.
  • Obesity is the main cause: Stretch marks are sometime occurs due to rapid weight gain. Weightlifters also can develop these marks, particularly on the upper side of the arms.
  • Sometimes stretch marks can due to excess use of Corticosteroid creams, Pills and lotions. These Pills and medicines can also make the side-effects on the body.

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

Some of the effective Home remedies for the removal of Stretch Marks are:

  • In a blender, mix ½ cup olive oil, ¼ cup Aloe Vera gel, liquid from 6 Vitamin E capsules and liquid from 4 Vitamin A capsules. Store it in a container and place it in the refrigerator. Apply this mixture wherever stretch marks appear.
  • Prepare a mixture by adding seven drops of lavender oil and a few drops of chamomile oil to an ounce of carrier oil (avocado, sweet almond or jojoba oil). Use it to massage the affected area.
  • Cocoa butter is beneficial in treating stretch marks. Apply it two times a day, in the morning as well as in the evening, over the affected area. This would help remove the marks.
  • Aroma oil is beneficial in treating stretch marks problem. Apply some of this oil on the stretch marks and massage well.
  • Massaging your body with olive oil or Vitamin E may help.
  • One of the simplest, yet effective home remedies for stretch marks would be to apply lavender oil on the marks, three times a day.
  • Rub the affected area with apricot scrub. This is likely to remove the stretch marks gradually.
  • 1/2 cup virgin olive oil. 1/4 cup aloevera gel. Liquid from 6 capsules of Vitamin E.Liquid from 4 capsules of Vitamin A. Mix all the ingredients together in a blender. After that pour the mixture into a jar and store it in the fridge. Apply the oil externally all over the places where the stretch marks commonly appear (abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts). If you do this consistently every day, you may prevent stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Treatment and Advice

  • Eat seeds and nuts that are rich in mineral content, especially zinc to tone up the skin during pregnancy.
  • Make sure in your diet you are getting plenty of protein and foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, they promote good tissue growth.
  • It is very important to exercise in order to get rid of stretch marks; toning your muscles helps your skin to firm thus preventing stretch marks.
  • Avoid saturated fats in excess, because they can cause excessive stretching of the skin, and also leads to Obesity.

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