In today’s time stress is the most common problem in the urban individuals. Stress is a condition which results in to several other diseases and problems in the human body. So in a broader term  stress refers to condition that harms the body or the mind. The most common disorders linked with stress are heart disease, diabetes, headache, and peptic ulcer. Stress is caused by reasons including caused by relationships, family, and even work. One of the best ways to take care of stress is to be watchful with its symptoms and take a precaution to element it at earliest when it starts

Stress Symptoms

In general terms it difficult to understand and pin point the symptoms of stress since they vary in their occurrence. Some of the most common Stress symptoms are;

  • Slowing down of digestion.
  • Heart Pumps the blood faster and harder resulting in increased blood pressure.
  • Releasing of adrenaline hormones into the system along with glucose from the liver.
  • Poor sleep and bad temper.
  • Dependence on alcohol and smoking to ease out.
  • Headache backache tiredness bad temper. 

Stress Causes

There are number of causes which causes stress, and a number of them an individual gets in to without noticing unless the effects of stress are felt physically. Some causes are quite common while the others show effect in the longer run.

  • Work conditions and work pressure.
  • Family conflicts and family problems.
  • Hectic life loud noise excessive work, drugs, overburdened work styles.

Home remedies for Stress


There are a number of remedies of handling stress though habit and change is life style which include;

  • Sufficient sleep. 1 hour undisturbed sleep in dark room with no disturbance including switching off your mobile or avoiding door bells.
  • Share some good moments with friends with light talk and humor.
  • Recreational exercise, meditation, yoga, light exercises.
  • Work with ease comfort and of your choice.
  • Think positive and not behaving too emotional. 

There are numerous ways to handle stress through Herbal and home remedy. Some of the most common ones include;

  • Ashwagandha and Brahmi help  in relaxing of brain and helps in easing out. Half table spoons of each can be boiled in water for 10 minutes and taken with tea 2 times in day to help relive from stress.
  • The holy basil have been found beneficial in the treatment of stress and are also regarded as an anti-stress agent.As a healthy practice even healthy persons should chew twelve leaves of basil twice a day, morning and evening, for preventing stress.
  • Apply some neem powder OR coconut oil OR Amla oil on your head to relive head ache.
  • Alfalfa and sunflower seeds are also effective in stress treatment.
  • Dry ginger with water or clove paste with salt to be applied on forehead for headache relaxing.
  • Soak towel in Cold water rinse it and put on on forehead , and in colder weather warm water soaked towels.
  • Switch to lots of green leafy vegetables, fruits, salads, whole wheat grains, beans, grams, sprouts, eggs, cheese, soybeans and fresh curd in your diet. Focus on food with vitamin A and B.
  • Eat 3-4 almonds with a glass of milk every morning before starting up for work.

Last but not the least try to avoid OR totally element the conditions or reasons which causes stress. There is nothing more valuable then your life. 

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