Stomach Ache

Stomach Ache                                  

Stomach Ache is common ailment experience in the area anywhere between the groin and the chest. Stomach ache can be experienced as mild pain, moderate pain or severe pain. Stomach pain can occur in everyone including men, women and children. The exact diagnosis of stomach pain is sometimes difficult because there are many diseases which may cause stomach pain. Stomach pains may be treated by individuals themselves using some home remedies but sometimes it may need professional guidance.

Symptoms of Stomach Ache


The Symptoms of Stomach Ache include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Uncomfortable feeling in the stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Dysentery with blood
  • Burning sensation in the stomach
  • Urine and chest acidity

Causes of Stomach Ache

Some causes of Stomach Ache are:

Home Remedy for Stomach Ache

Some home remedies for Stomach Ache are:

  • One of the most effective home remedies for stomach ache would be to mix 1 tsp each of mint juice and limejuice. To it, add a few drops of ginger juice and a pinch of black salt. Drink this mixture to alleviate pain.
  • Grate a small piece of ginger and extract its juice. Apply this juice on the bottom of the belly and massage it gently. This will be effective in curing stomach ache.
  • If the stomach ache is due to acidity, the best bet would be to drink plain soda water. It would provide instant relief from the pain.
  • In 50 ml water, mix 2 tsp lemon juice and 1 gram rock salt powder. Have this mixture three times a day.
  • Take dry ginger, black pepper, roasted cumin seeds, dry mint leaves, coriander, asafetida, garlic and rock salt in equal quantities. Grind them well and make a fine powder. Have 1 tsp of this mixture, along with a glass of warm water, after meals.
  • Taking three grams each of carom seeds and rock salt or common salt, along with a glass of warm water, helps in relieving a person from stomach ache.
  • In half a cup of warm water, add a tsp each of ginger juice and castor oil. Have this mixture two times a day, to get relief from stomach ache.
  • In a cup of water, add 20 grams aniseeds. Keep it overnight and strain the mixture the next morning. Drink it to get relief from pain.
  • Mix one gram of rock salt and two grams of dried and crushed celery leaves. Eat it to get instant relief from stomach ache.
  • Grind three grams of tender tamarind leaves, with enough water, to make a paste. Once it turns into a liquefied form, add a gram of rock salt. Drink this mixture to get relief from stomach ache.
  • Combine 2 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp ginger juice. Add ¼ tsp sugar to this mixture and have it two times in a day.
  • Pomegranates are helpful in treating stomach ache. In a bowl of pomegranate seeds, sprinkle some salt and black pepper. Eat the seeds, while making sure to chew them properly.
  • Grind bael (Aegle marmelos) and form a pulp. Mix it in a glass of freshly prepared buttermilk. Stir it well before drinking.
  • Prepare a paste of fenugreek seeds. Now, add this paste to a bowl of curd. This is one of the most effective ways to treat stomach cramps and pain.
  • In half a liter of water, add 2 grams each of black currants and fennel seeds and keep it overnight. The next morning, mash the contents in water and add a gram of sugar. Have this concoction daily, in the morning, to get relief from chronic stomach ache.

Stomach Ache Treatment and Advice

·         Make note of any foods that may disagree with your digestion.

·         Look into the possibility you suffer from Crohn's Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and seek medical treatment if this is the case.

·         Consider stress as a possible cause of stomach pain or cramps.

·         Try putting on a warm rag, or heating a sock filled with rice in a microwave for one minute then put it on your stomach and relax.

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