Skin Allergies

Skin Allergies

A skin allergy is a reaction caused by a substance that comes in contact with the skin, thus a skin allergy. Some types of contact skin allergies are dermatitis, eczema and hives. Contact dermatitis develops when the skin comes in contact with something that a person is allergic to. A reaction to skin allergies may cause a redness or even swelling, stinging, burning or blisters and itching.

Skin Allergies are one of the most prevalent causes of skin conditions. Generally, they are caused by an immune system which becomes hypersensitive after exposure to certain substances which it recognizes as harmful. As a result of this exposure, the body's immune system releases huge amounts of antibodies to combat these "supposedly" harmful substances. The release of these immune cells may then cause an adverse reaction in other cells within the body.

These types are as follows:-

(i) Dermatitis – This is the skin allergy which is caused due to contact with some substances. It is shown as an inflammation.

(ii) Urticaria – Hives is a fluid accumulation in the skin which shows up as a swelling. This is a temporary condition and heals with treatment. Hives are also known as Hives.

(iii) Prickly Heat – This is a red rash which occurs on the body. Prickly heat is generally caused due to excessive perspiration due to hot and humid climates.

Symptoms of Skin Allergies

The major symptom of skin allergy are hives, rashes, swelling, itching which may includes one or more physical signs like dry skin and it results in cracking of the skin. The hands, face, arms and neck are the common areas affected by skin allergies as are exposed usually every day. Hives are red bumps or welts that form on the top layer of skin. Usually they will appear in a small area first, but they can then spread. You will find that the hives can appear on the face, arms, neck, or all over the body. The nature of hives is to be itchy. Common symptoms of allergies include redness and itchiness of the eyes, wheezing or other breathing problems, skin rashes or hives.

Causes of Skin Allergies

  • The most common cause of the skin allergies is impairment in the immune system, which increases the risk of allergic reactions. This occurs due to stress on the immune system due to excess of the toxins.
  • Other causes of the skin allergies are the nutritional deficiencies, imbalanced diet, chemicals in the food chain due to preservatives and chronic intestinal yeast overgrowth.
  • Due to Severe allergic reaction in the past.
  • Asthma and related diseases.
  • Lung conditions that affect breathing, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Frequent infections of the nasal sinuses, ears, or respiratory tract       sensitive skin.
  • Frequent infections of the nasal sinuses, ears, or respiratory tract
  •  Skin being sensitive.
  • Allergies and the tendency to have allergic reactions run in some families.
  • Dust and smoke.
  • Soap products like detergents

Home Remedies for Skin Allergies

 Effective Home Remedies for Skin allergy are:

·         Grind 1 tbls of poppy seeds with 1 teaspoon water. Add 1 teaspoon lime juice. Apply to affected area for relief from skin allergies.

·         Mix 1 teaspoon lime juice with sandalwood paste. Apply to affected skin allergy area.

·         Application of mashed almond leaves to the affected area is highly helpful.

·         Take a glass of water with two tablespoons of cider vinegar.

·         In case if  the area on the skin is exceptionally itchy, then mash a papaya and spread the paste of the papaya on it. This will reduce the itch and also make the skin healthier.

·         Extract the juice of the Jambula (Indian Plum) and mix some soda in it. Apply this in case of prickly heat.

·         In hot seasons, drink a glass of lemon juice twice everyday. This will supplement the vitamin C content of the body lost due to perspiration and will prevent the outburst of prickly heat.

·         Apply aloe Vera gel on the affected areas. It will sooth the areas and gives a cooling effect.

·         Take about 30 milliliters of the juice of the leaves of wood apple (Feronia limonida) and mix some cumin powder in it. Take this twice daily. This is a very good treatment for Urticaria or hives.

Skin Allergies Treatment and Advice

  • Avoid white sugar, and everything made with it. The process of chemically whitening sugar is toxic.
  • Avoid bleached flours, and everything made with it.
  • Avoid all processed foods, including the frozen pre-packaged types.
  • Avoid the processes meat.
  • Thoroughly wash all fresh fruits and vegetables in warm water.
  • Avoid smoking and heavy alcohol consumption. Heavy coffee consumption is to be avoided.

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