Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps may be defined as an aching, crampy, tired, and burning pain in the legs these leg cramps usually comes and goes. Leg Cramps is generally leaded by walking and goes away with rest because of poor circulation of blood in the arteries of the legs.Leg Cramps is also known as intermittent claudication. Leg Cramps have the risk of producing night leg cramps which increases with age. Pregnant women have a higher rate of experiencing night leg cramps. Leg Cramp in simple words is a pain or spasm that happens in leg muscles. Leg Cramps occurs when the muscle contracts hardly.

Symptoms of Leg Cramps

Some of the common symptoms of Leg Cramps are:

  • Severe leg pain
  • Muscle tenderness
  • Inability to move the leg till the time the cramp lasts. 

Causes of Leg Cramps

Causes of Leg Cramps are:

  • Doing an unusual or different exercise.
  • Dehydration
  • Diminished blood supply
  • Electrolyte, hormonal or fluid imbalances.
  • Excess weight.
  • Leg injury.
  • Low blood calcium
  • Muscle fatigue, due to overexertion.
  • Nerve abnormalities.
  • Muscle diseases
  • Pregnancy 

Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

The most effective home remedies for Leg Cramps are:

  • Mix one tbsp of calcium lactate, one tsp of apple cider vinegar and one tsp of honey in half a glass of lukewarm water. Have this once a day. It will be helpful in treating leg cramps.
  • Using hot water bottle on the affected area is also beneficial in treating and curing cramps.
  • Massaging the affected area with essential oils, like lavender oil and rosemary oil and eucalyptus oil. After massaging, wrap the affected area with a towel dipped in hot water.
  • Consume 2-3 bananas per day, as it increases the potassium intake in the body, thereby relieving a person from cramps.
  • Having 2 tsp of honey per day is helpful in preventing leg cramps.
  • Increase the intake of foods rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium daily.
  • To improve the general weakness of the body a well-balanced diet including all the three basic food groups is recommended.
  • A red flannel can also be wrapped around the area with pain.
  • Use of coconut.
  • Eating 3-4 walnuts with an empty stomach in the morning provided relief from leg pain in a short duration.
  • Intake of cod liver oil also helps in curing all types of leg pains and general weakness of the body.

Leg Cramps Treatment and Advice

  • Massage the cramped muscle gently in the natural direction of the muscle. This helps relax the contraction and ease the pain.
  • A hot shower or warm bath is a good way to relax the muscle.
  • Use cold packs on the affected muscle. This relaxes the tensed muscles.
  • For a cramped calf muscle, stretch and massage the leg by straightening it and pointing the toes upward, towards the head.
  • Use a warm towel or heating pad to alleviate pain or tenderness following a cramp.

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