Breast Pain

Breast Pain

Breast pain or breast tenderness is defined as the pain which is generally felt by women in breast mainly due to lumps or cysts or fibroids, menstrual cycle hormone change , wearing of inappropriate lingerie. In extreme cases breast pain is also caused due to breast cancer. Generally  the breast pain is cycling when it occurs with menstrual cycle, its non cyclic when it occurs with occurs at pre menopausal time and extra mammary when breast pain happens as a result of some chest related pain.

Symptoms of breast pain

The most common symptoms include related pain in the breast and surrounding area. The other symptoms might include lumps and cyst or blockage ok nipples which would eventually result in pain. Some times breast pain also occurs due to fullness of breast with milk, when the milk produces is not feed to taken out accordingly. The common symptoms are

·         Pain

·         Sensitivity is increased when touched, or pressure is applied

·         Aching feelings

·         Discomfort when accompanied by movement

·         Soreness in breasts

·         Swelling of breasts

·         Heaviness

·         Discomfort when accompanied by movement


Causes of Breast pain symptoms

Some of the most common reasons for breast pain are

·         Hormonal changes during menstrual period.

·         Injury of any kind in and around chest area.

·         Wearing tight uneasy an inappropriate lingerie is yet another cause for breast pain.

·         Breast pain is also very common during Menopause and pregnancy .

·         In Breast feeding mother, due to excessive or inappropriate feeding result in breast pain.

Home remedies for breast pain

There are numerous precautions and remedies that one should take while avoiding breast pain. An absolute abstinence from caffeine, ice creams, chocolates  and alcohol is highly helpful in severe breast pains. The other home remedies include

·         Wear loose clothes and appropriate lingerie to avoid the discomfort.

·         Switch to high fiber diet like vegetables, fruits seeds and nuts,

·         Fist eating specially the ones with omega 3 fats like the Solomon fish, trout and sardines are highly recommended.

·         Apply warm castor oil on pain effected area, by applying it with a cloth soaked in it and placed on the breast.

·         A gentle massage with warm and cold water depending on the weather is also very helpful in reliving the pain.

·         Low intake of salt ( Iodine) is also helpful in removing breast pain over a period of time.

·         Apply Cabbage leaf soaked in water on the effected area, which helps in reliving pain.

·         Primrose and vitamin E based oil gentle massage has been useful in pain revilement

·         Try some herbal tea with Buchu (Agathosma ) cornsilk and Uva ursi(bearberry ).

·         Flaxseeds with yogurt ( 2-3 spoons) is also very helpful.

·         Soya intake should also be encouraged to help in pain relive.

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