Back Pain

Back Pain


Back pain is  also termed as dorsalgia.Back pain is pain felt in the back that originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints etc.In other words,Back pain is a pain in the lumbar, lumbosacral, or cervical regions of the back, varying in sharpness and intensity. Pain in the upper back can result in disorders of the aorta,chest tumors.Back pain may occur in the upper, middle, or lower back. Back pain generally occurs in the lower back because it endures the maximum pressure during physical activities and hence it is the most vulnerable to damage. It originates from the bones. Low back pain is pain, muscle tension, or stiffness, localized below the costal margin and above the inferior gluteal. Pain felt in your lower back may come from the spine, muscles, nerves, or other structures in that region of your back.


Back pain is one of most common health problems found in adults across the world. Most of the Back pain problems are temporary, generally occurs due to excessive pressure on the muscles or ligaments supporting the spine. However, if the pain is due to serious injury or some medical ailment such as kidney damage, cancer or nerve damage then it will have to be treated with patience and proper medical assistance. Back pain affects both men and women of all ages. Back Pain is one of the major reasons for persistent pain.


Back pain is not any specific disease, but rather a manifestation of some other ailments. This sort of pain generally radiates down the front, side, or back of the legs, or it could be just confined to the lower part of your back. Such pains become worse during the winters and the nights. 90% of back problems occur due to poor posture.


Symptoms of Back Pain

Following are the main symptoms of Back Pain

  • Pain felt during normal back movements such as bending, walking, doing any sports activity.
  • Pain felt after long hours of sitting or standing in a particular position such as a long car drive.
  • Continuous pain or stiffness in the area around the waist,pain encountered while getting up from the bed.
  • Numbness or weakness in the legs,pain radiating down the legs.
  • Pain worsening while coughing or sneezing.
  • When your sleep gets disturbed due to the pain.
  • Pain in the lumbosacral area.
  • When the pain is creating difficulty for the urine to pass through and having a bowel movement.
  • Losing control over urination, fever and chills along with the pain, severe trauma.
  • Unexplained loss, Continuous aching, pain or stiffness around spine, neck or hips.
  • Sharp pain in the neck, or back after lifting heavy materials.  

Causes of Back Pain

  • Strains, Sprains
  • Due to bending or lifting heavy objects which can cause a small tear of the muscles or ligaments resulting in strain in the back.
  • Muscle spasm, a severe type of muscle pain which causes the affected muscles to become knotty, tight and hard.
  • Sometimes a sharp, shooting pain may radiate from the back right down a leg to the ankle or into the foot. This is also known as sciatica. Sometimes the leg can feel tingly or heavy or there might be a burning sensation.
  • There may be numbness over a patch of skin and sometimes weakness of certain muscles so the sufferer cannot lift the big toe or foot (a foot drop). Sciatica and these symptoms suggest that a nerve is being irritated.
  • Arthritis: Arthritis in spine is a common cause of back pain, especially in adults.
  • Obesity: Obese people experience back pain frequently. The pain is felt in the neck and lower back. 
  • Sleeping Posture: The position and surface on which one sleeps may cause back pain, such as hard surfaces and mattresses. The soft surface tends to put strain on the spine. Some positional changes can reduce this type of back pain.
  • Improper Seating: Back pain can be caused by sitting in an improper position for a prolonged period of time.
  • Spine Disc Damage: There are back pains that are caused by damage in the discs of the spine. As a result, the nerves get pinched causing constant back pain. Upper back pain is caused by herniated or damaged discs.
  • Pregnancy and Menstrual Period: Women who are pregnant or in the middle of a menstrual period often complain of lower back pain. During pregnancy the enlarged belly stretches the spine, resulting in back pain.
  • Injury: Injury to the back may happen from an accident or a torn rotator calf in the shoulder. During accidents the body receives large amount of energy or shock within a small period that damages the muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Secondary tumours from say a primary lung cancer — these cause severe and continuous pain that gradually worsens and often causes insomnia (Other symptoms, such as weight loss and general malaise, are usually evident.)

Home Remedies for Back Pain

The most effective Home Remedies for Back pain are:

  • Overnight soaked wheat along with half the quantity of cuscus grass, known as khus-khus is mixed with half the quantity of coriander. All these are mixed and boiled milk taken 4 times as the quantity of as that of wheat. When the milk is left two third of its original quantity. It is taken off and then consumed. It works as analgesic thus relives pain and also improves digestion in the body.
  • Back pain can be administered by taking equal quantity of cuscus grass mixed with sugar. This mixture is then consumed twice daily with the dosage of 5 grams with warm milk.
  • Consume warm water mixed with one tablespoon of honey to get rid of back ache.
  • Massage the stained area with castor oil, which helps in giving good relief from the trouble of back pain and inflammation.
  • Eat two to three cloves of garlic in a day. Garlic oil can also be effective in curing backache. To prepare garlic oil, fry ten cloves of garlic in 60 ml of oil (mustard oil, sesame oil or coconut oil). Strain the oil, let it cool down a bit and massage the back with it.
  • Massaging with turpentine oil is another effective home remedy for backache.
  • Basil leaves can also cure a person suffering from backache. Take a cup of water and boil ten basil leaves in it. Let the water boil till only half the quantity is left. Cool down the water and add 1/4 tsp salt. Drink this decoction once a day.
  • If you will move your pelvis from front to back and from side to side, it will help in relaxing the back muscles.
  • An effective home remedy would be to apply potato, in the poultice form. Peel a potato and cut into cubes. Boil the cubes and mash them. After they cool down a bit, apply on the back and hold it there with a bandage, for an hour.

Back Pain Treatment and Advice

  • Never twist while lifting this can have bad effect on your vertebrates.
  • Take a hot water bath and relax.
  • If you will move your pelvis from front to back and from side to side, it will help in relaxing the back muscles.
  • Do not sit in couches; always sit in firm chairs supporting the lumbar area with a pillow. This will help you keep your waist and lower back in the proper position.

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