Stammering (Stuttering)

Stammering or Stuttering is a speech disorder in which a person speaks a word it if often prolonged and repetitive. The words also at times get struck with a pause and no sound. This action is mostly involuntary.


Causes for Stammering (Stuttering)


The nervous system and brain control almost all the activities of a human body. The brain processes the information it receives through the nervous system and makes it deciphers the meaning out of it. All of the physical activities are controlled by the

 brain and specific areas of the brain control specific physical activity done by a a particular organ and the corresponding activities. It is for this reason some of the activities which are initiated by brain are beyond the conscious control on human being For example, Digestion blinking of eye etc.

Therefore we understand that the specific parts of the brain do specific activities and whereby control specific organs, and if those part of the brain get damaged the subsequent activity conducted by them also gets hampered.


Remedies for Stammering (Stuttering)


By some herbal remedies and exercise stammering can be taken care of.
Ayurveda states that the brain is under the control of ‘Prana’. Therefore to cure stuttering we have to improve the functioning of ‘prana’. Some of the most effective home remedies are

  • Vallarai herb is very essential for remedy of stammering. Take some coriander seeds and palm candy and place it inside 3 or 4 vallarai leaves and chew it. Dry some  vallarai leaves away from sunlight and then powder it . This powder taken regularly helps reduce stammering. The paste made from drying of leaves can also be taken with milk.
  • Another important remedy for stammering is cow Ghee. Cow ghess is very helpful otherwise also in memory , speech, knowledge and wisdom.
  • Take ‘Saaraswatha choornam’ half a teaspoon and one and half teaspoon of ‘brahmi kirutham’  and mix it with honey. This mixture is then placed inside rice balls and taken internally and masticated well, Take, saraswatharishtam 30 ml after the said meal.
  • Apply warm brahmi oil on head and allow it to absorb for about 30 – 45 minutes. Afterwards bathe using warm water. This process helps improve memory as well clear stuttering and stammering.

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