Pedra Hume Caa

Pedra Hume Caa

Pedra Hume Caa has small, green leaves and large, orange-red flowers. All parts of the plant are used in infusions, decoctions or extracts to combat this disease. By the regular use of Pedra Hume Cahas surprising results in the treatment of this ailment since sugar disappears from the urine in a short period of time.It has been used by indigenous tribes in the rainforest for diabetes, diarrhea, and dysentery. The traditional use is a simple leaf tea with a pleasant, slightly sweet taste.

Botanical Name: Myrcia salicifolia

Family Name: Myrtaceae

Common Name: Pedra hume caŠ, pedra-ume-caŠ, insulina vegetal

Part Used: leaves.

Habitat: South America , West Indies

Properties of Pedra Hume Caa

†††††††† Antihemorrhagic

†††††††† Antioxidant

†††††††† Astringent,

†††††††† Antidiabetic

Uses of Pedra Hume Caa

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