Brazilian Peppertree

Brazilian Peppertree


Botanical Name: Schinus molle.

Family Name: Anacardiaceae.

Common Name: Peruvian peppertree, California peppertree, aroeira, aroeira salsa, escobilla, Peruvian mastic tree, mastic-tree, aguaribay, American pepper, anacahuita, castilla, false pepper, gualeguay, Jesuit's balsam, molle del Peru, mulli, pepper tree, pimentero, pimientillo, pirul.

Part Used: Fruit, bark, leaf.

Habitat: It is mostly found in South and Central America and can also be found in semitropical and tropical regions of the United States and Africa.

Properties of Brazilian Peppertree

·         Analgesic (pain-reliever), Anti-inflammatory.

·         Antibacterial, Anticancerous, Anticandidal.

·         Antifungal, Antispasmodic.

·         Antitumorous, Antiviral.

·         Hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), Wound healer.

Uses of Brazilian Peppertree

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