Boldo i

Botanical Name: Peumus boldus.

Family Name: Monimiaceae.

Common Name: Boldus, ascaridole.

Part Used: Fruit and leaves.

Habitat: Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil and bordering countries in South America.

Properties of Boldo


  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic.
  • Diuretic, febrifuge (reduces fever).
  • Menstrual stimulant, wound healer.

Uses of Boldo


·      Used as a form of herbal medicine.

·      To calm upset stomachs.

·     Particularly used to support the gallbladder.

·     The leaves of this plant can be used as an effective hangover cure.

·     Teabags can also be made using this plant for commercial use.

·     Has aromatic leaves and thus used to make camphor. 

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