African Rue

Africa Rue

Africa Rue is a perennial succulent shrub with narrow, pinnately cut leaves and white solitary flowers, growing up to 1 meter but usually not more than 30 cm high.  It has white solitary flowers, capsular, spherical fruits and brownish seeds in various shapes

Botanical Name : Peganum Harmala

Family Name : Salanaceae

Common Name : Hermal,  Syrian Rue, Peganum harmala, Ispandur, Esphand, Ozallaik.

Part Used : Seeds, and flowers.

Habitat :  Dry and sub tropical regions.

Properties of Africa Rue

The seed of Peganum Harmalais ( African rue)  contain four alkaloids, harmine, harmaline, harmolol and peganine. The blossoms and stems yield alkaloid peganine identified with 1-peganine. It also has aphrodisiac, analgesic, and anti inflammatory properties.

Uses of Africa Rue

·         African rue. Is a ventral nervous system stimulant and is used as an anti depressant. 

·         African rue  beneficial in painful and difficult menstruation and for regulating the menstrual periods.

·         African rue help in treating insomnia since its seed have narcotic properties.

·         African rue has been found to be very beneficial in treating tapeworm infestation. Due to anthelmintic action in seeds it helps in expelling worms.

·         The  fruits of African rue (Peganum Harmala) are also the  source of a red dye and an oil

·         African rue has  antibacterial activity and is fairly effective against Protozoans. Its decoction is given for laryngitis. It helps against boldness, period aches, worms and lice.

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